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Updated 4-16-2017
 **ALL OF our STAMPS have been reduced in price!** 

Tiered Discounts are now in place until our new release (April 28th) !

$10.00 - $24.99 you will get a 10 percent off discount at checkout
$25.00 - $34.99 you will get a 15 percent off discount at checkout
$35.00 - $49.99 you will get a 20 percent off discount at checkout
$50.00 - $74.99 you will get a 25 percent off discount at checkout
$75.00 and over you will get a 30 percent discount at checkout


NOON CST the release will be OUT!!

Well, after a meeting of the minds... and a HUGE influx of email and phone calls... PKS has decided to continue manufacturing.  
We got our inventory down where it needs to be and we are thrilled to be able to continue to accommodate our customers with our 
same awesome physical stamps.  

New pricing and more assortments will be up and available after April 15th.   
The following stamps are retiring:
PK-110 Here Kitty Kitty Face Assortment
PK-111 Here Kitty Kitty 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-470 Happy New Year Face Assortment
PK-471 Happy New Year 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-480 Christmas Character Face Assortment
PK-481 Christmas Character 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-482 Winter Wonderland Face Assortment 
PK-483 Winter Wonderland 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-484 Snowmany Face Assortment
PK-485 Snowmany 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-492 Everyday SNOW Character Face Assortment 
PK-493 Everyday SNOW Character 1 1/8"  Face Set
PK-500 Snow Cuties Face Assortment 
PK-501 Snow Cuties 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-591 Groom Face Assortment  (Set of 5)
PK-640 Princess Face Assortment 
PK-641 Princess  1 1/8"  Face Set
PK-642 Boy Mates Face Assortment 
PK-643 Boy Mates 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-650 Just Baby Face Assortment 
PK-651 Just Baby 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-680 Retro Face Assortment
PK-681 Retro 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-690 Make a Monster Face Assortment
PK-691 Make a Monster 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-692 Monster Mash Face Assortment
PK-693 Monster Mash 1 1/8" Face Set